Baixar Robin Packalen – Benefits Mp3


Baixar Robin Packalen - Benefits Mp3

Informações da Musica

Artista: Robin Packalen
Musica: Benefits
Gênero: Pop
Lançamento: 2020

Baixar Musica Benefits em MP3 do cantor Robin Packalen, o single foi lançado no canal do cantor. Confira e veja Como baixar o hit direto em seu celular.

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Tamanho: 5 MB
Formato: MP3
Qualidade: 320 Kbps

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Vídeo Clip e Letra Da Musica: Benefits

Clipe da Música Benefits – Robin Packalen Mp3 – Ouvir Musica

Another sleepless night
bags under both my eyes
she did it again, but i can’t pretend
i didn’t want the call
that i don’t take em’ all
cuz loving her is, too good to resist

She stay running on my brain
247 every day
and i know it, and she knows it
i ain’t getting any sleep
hands tied never wanna leave
aid i know it, and she knows it

She’s breaking down my body
and messing with my mind
til’ i give her what she needs
i’m working over time
i’m something like a slave to her
but i can’t handle it
she got good benefits, she got good benefits
And i know oh and she knows
she got good benefits….

I’m always down to sweat
with her lips on my neck
calling my name
fanning the flames
ways that her legs can bend
visions i can’t forget
i keep coming back
just to get her like that oooh